Dwell Home Venice

We’re excited to finally get started on the mix of custom cabinetry and Semihandmade IKEA doors we are doing for Dwell Magazine as part of the Dwell Home Venice project.  We will be updating the blog throughout the next few months as progress is made, but for now check out the architectural model and a rendering of the mahogany kitchen!

Teak IKEA Kitchen In Woodstock, NY

Teak2Great shot from a client in Upstate NY whose custom IKEA doors we did.  It’s so satisfying to see a project come together 2400 miles away after working strictly from emails, drawings and a few (okay, maybe many!) phone-calls.  Great job, Ed!

Dwell on Design 2012

June brings with it the usual exciting/crazy/whirlwind times at Semihandmade as Dwell on Design 2012 is now less than 2 weeks away! This is our fifth year exhibiting at the Los Angeles Convention Center show, and this one promises to be the best one yet.

In addition to our ever-growing selection of custom IKEA doors in everything from sequenced and one-of-a-kind veneers to colored laminates and reclaimed lumber, we will be showing more from the recently-launched REDO line that converts everyday IKEA kitchen cabinets into versatile, fun and funky bookcases, media cabinets and even baby changing stations.

One of the highlights of doing shows (besides getting out of a dusty shop and showing things off) is actually putting a face to the many friends of Semihandmade we’ve made over the past few years. Your love, kindness and support helps keep us going and growing, and we promise it’s not something we take for granted.

For more information on how to attend, please click here or on the Dwell icon at the top of this post.