Semihandmade on Remodelista!

One of our most popular Semihandmade IKEA™ door styles is the DIY Shaker – clients purchase high-quality Shaker doors and panels from us and either paint them themselves or have them sprayed professionally (what we suggest).  How else to get exactly the color you want!

In a recent Remodelista article, Sarah Sherman Samuel of Smitten Studio — one of the hottest design firms in Los Angeles — talks about her experience remodeling her kitchen using those same Semihandmade DIY Shaker doors for her IKEA™ kitchen cabinets.

Samuel Shaker 3“The genius part,” says Samuel, “is that at Ikea you can buy the cabinets without the doors and drawer faces, so then by getting those at SemiHandmade, you end up with beautifully crafted and high-quality doors and drawers, but it’s still less expensive than a custom kitchen. It’s like the ultimate IKEA hack.”


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