Semihandmade and the New IKEA™ Kitchen

By now you’ve no doubt heard of IKEA’s™ “Metod” cabinet line that will be arriving in the US and Canada within the next year to replace the current Akurum system.  For a video introduction – and only part of it in Swedish! – go ahead and click here.

Pretty cool, huh?  As much as we’re huge Akurum fans and it’s been the launching pad for everything Semihandmade, we are definitely impressed with what we’ve seen so far and intrigued with Metod’s possibilities – more versatile interior hardware, easier installation, cleaner lines.  Even the new fronts and finishes we like!  What seems obvious is that a great deal of time, thought and money has gone into refining the entire kitchen system.  And while it’s maybe a fair question to ask “Why fix it if it ain’t broken?” after over 20 years of success with Akurum, there’s no harm in trying something new, right?

It’s not like they’ve overhauled their entire catalogue.  Nothing has changed with their Pax closets, Godmorgon and Lillangen bathrooms, and Besta media lines, and we’ll continue to pump out doors, drawer fronts and panels for each of those systems as long as you’ll have us!

Still, we’re flooded with more and more Metod questions every week, so we thought we’d take a moment to share what we know:

1) What’s in a name?  The new line will be called “Sektion.”

2) How is Sektion different than Akurum?  Keep in mind that what arrives in the US and Canada may be very different than what is happening overseas as cabinets in Europe are generally more space-sensitive and the faces more contemporary, but based on the videos we’ve seen the outside cabinet dimensions are different, and overall the system looks more modular with parts easily interchangeable; a single door can cover multiple boxes, more than one drawer can hide behind a single drawer face.  There is also color featured on accent cabinets, as well as the addition of open bookcases to compliment things like islands.

3) When will Sektion arrive in the US and Canada?  Late January/Early February of 2015.

4) What happens to Akurum?  Production will cease on the Akurum system by the end of this year, 2014.

5) And that famous IKEA™ 25-Year Limited WarrantyGreat question.  25 years is a long time.  What happens if I buy a product on Monday… that gets discontinued Tuesday… then heaven forbid breaks on Wednesday (or Thursday, or Friday, or 18 years of Fridays from now)?  Fair concern, right?  Here we are guessing A) there will be a stockpile of Akurum parts to honor any claims, and when that runs out they’ll just have to replace your old cabinets with the new line, B) IKEA™ no doubt did a ton of research before coming up with the number “25,” and since most folks replace their kitchens every 10 years or so there’s a great chance there won’t be any issues with your Akurum kitchen before you replace it with the Sektion line (and Semihandmade doors, of course) in 2024, C) maybe most exciting for a lot of people, and totally worth the risk, is the possibility IKEA™ will be offering some killer sales before the end of the year to unload a ton of stock (including the kitchen sale that starts June 27!!!).

6) When will you start offering Sektion doors?  As soon as dimensions are available to us, Semihandmade will begin production of Sektion-compatible doors.  We are guessing we’ll have all the dimensions by the end of the year, although the sale of our doors won’t commence until Sektion hits US and Canada IKEAs™.

7) Will you continue offering Akurum doors?  Semihandmade will absolutely continue offering doors for the IKEA™ Akurum kitchen system for as long as people have them!

The IKEA™ UK site also answers a bunch of questions.

Have we forgotten anything?  We love your input, so definitely let us know!





24 thoughts on “Semihandmade and the New IKEA™ Kitchen

  1. So it seems like the only reason not to wait on the new line is a) you get a fantastically good deal on Akurum (beyond discounts on regular kitchen sales), and/or b) you’re in a hurry?

    • I would say from my experience, it is more like every 15-20 in Europe and 25-35 years in the USA. And the “new” kitchens in the USA look on average like from Stone Age…… 😉

      • This is so true!
        We updated our kitchen to Ikea with gray and white Akurum cabinets, Ikea halogen lights, faucet, and granite countertops. We love it, although many people visiting our house didn’t say much while they didn’t like the great looking European modern style. These people do have age stone looking kitchen and as matter fact the rest of their house as well. 🙂

    • One of the many benefits of going with IKEA is that – unlike really any other manufacturer – you can change your kitchen (or at least the look of it) more often than a standard kitchen by simply replacing the fronts. With a typical remodel, you’d have to gut everything, including the counters, and start over. Not so with IKEA!

  2. Waiting is obviously a personal call. The current Akurum system is terrific and, frankly, we’re not really sure if there was a need for a change. If anything, the biggest gripe people have is with the door selection (you can only offer so much at a company as massive as IKEA), hence the need for companies like ours. If you’re in no hurry, it’s probably worth the wait. We’ll be making doors for both systems either way!

  3. I would have assumed the main difference between Metod and Sektion is the latter being sized in inches rather than centimeters, just as with Akurum/Faktum now. Ikea initially tried selling their standard metric-sized kitchen cabinets in the US 15-20 years ago, and problems arose with trying to fit American appliances into them (i.e. a 27″w oven won’t quite fit into a 70cm cabinet). Ironically, many appliances now sold in America are metric-sized due to shifting manufacturing overseas, and to foreign manufacturers like LG, Bosch, Samsung, and Electrolux becoming popular in the US.

    Also, I’m not sure the wide gaps between sizes (widths of 20, 40, 60, and 80cm) would fly with Americans used to 3″ increments. It would be like 8″, 16″, 24″, and 32″ being the only widths available.

  4. I’m particularly worried about that last question of the “wild gaps” : Metod was designed to be like a big plug&play Lego, with modules that can be combined – and that’s why you see those multplying cabinet sizes : 20, 40, 60, 80. So, right – if we port that to our inch – we’d indeed end up with something like 8 -16-24- 32…. or 12-24-36-. .No more 30′ wide cabinets, no more 15”, or no more 26”??? I

  5. how are we so sure of this info that its coming to USA at all? Ive contacted Ikea headquarters and they emailed back- no info available, no plans of yet. do you have inside information? do tell. 🙂

  6. What if I am going to do my kitchen in stages? We’re thinking of adding a row of cabinets and a peninsula where we currently have a blank wall and awful island. I want this soon, because with five children the storage we have now isn’t adequate. If we end up having bases from both systems would you make fronts that match?

    • We will definitely be making doors for both systems, unfortunately – assuming you want our sequenced, real-wood fronts – it’s not really possible to “match” doors done in different stages unless you want to buy the full amount of veneer needed to do the entire job and pay for all the parts in advance, but just have them made in different stages. That’s really the only way we can do it. As we tell people, 4 Walnut projects will all be a little different in terms of coloring and grain. Hope that helps!

      • My plan was to go with stock IKEA doors for now and then replace them all when we finish our project, which probably won’t be for a year or two (yes, I need more space enough to look silly for that long 😉 ) That way everything will look nice and uniform eventually.

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  8. “most people replace their cabinets every 10 years”…wow…I’ve never actually known anyone who replaced their cabinets. We are replacing original cabinets in a 1968 house and have decided to wait for the new line. I’m sure we would have been happy with the current line but want to take our time planning the new kitchen. Really looking forward to the change!

  9. Loved the video! It’s actually in (Swiss) German, not Swedish, and about METOD coming to Switzerland. I’m excited for the new system! I really hope that they use a lot of the smaller, more modular systems here too.

  10. Our kitchen is 25 years old with metric IKEA cabinets. The doors are falling apart and need to be replaced. Where can they be had, or do I need to have custom made doors made?

    • Hey Les,

      I’ve got some bad news for you. Semihandmade Doors are not compatible with Ikea cabinets that were made that long ago.

      You might have luck looking for custom doors, but I think that you should consider updating your cabinets to Ikea’s Sektion cabinets. It is an extremely versatile cabinet system, and Sektion will be Ikea’s kitchen cabinet for the foreseeable future. And the best news is that Semihandmade makes doors for Sektion!

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