Semihandmade Solutions #3: The Warped Door

We are back with the third edition of Semihandmade Solutions. After looking at a one-time accident in the most recent entry, we’re going to look an issue generated over time.

Problem:  I have an Akurum kitchen from 2008 with Ramsjo Red-Brown doors, the kind with solid-wood framing and a particleboard center. Unfortunately, the tall cabinet door next to my refrigerator has warped over time (marked in red on the image below). I really love the unique look of these doors, But Ikea discontinued them. I don’t want to replace my entire kitchen, so what should I do?

Semihandmade Solution Akurum Cabinet Before

Solution:  The challenge here is finding a way to compliment the Ramsjo door-style without overshadowing its distinct design and rich red-brown tone. The good news is, you don’t have to replace the entire kitchen!

Since the warped door is alongside the refrigerator, we can turn the four doors around the refrigerator into a run. We went with our brand new Impression Sonoma doors because they look great and complement the Ramsjo doors without drawing attention from the rest of the cabinets. Impression Sonoma is one of our newest materials, and we love how it mimics the texture of a walnut veneer with a durable textured melamine that harmonizes with the kitchen’s traditional look. All in all, this turns one warped door into a new run that accentuates the existing doors.The total cost for the project pictured below: $619 USD.

Semihandmade Solutions Akurum Cabinets After

Take a look at these example images and other Semihandmade Solutions (part one, part two) to get a look at our products alongside Ikea doors, and send an email to with the subject line “I need a Semihandmade Solution” to get a quote started for your kitchen.

REMINDER: Semihandmade is not a design firm. We are happy to provide suggestions, but we can’t help you generate a design for your project. You’ll need to decide that on your own. There are also limits to what Semihandmade can provide. We want to help, but there may be some requests that are too complicated for us to handle.

Our Brand New Video!

We couldn’t be happier with this new video just completed by the folks at Chibi Moku!

Shot over two days this past May, Joshua and Natsuko did an amazing job encapsulating exactly what we do – from design and material selection, to shots around the shop (sawdust included!) and our beautiful Burbank CA showroom, to finishing and finally packing all the parts for shipment.

Really the entire process that goes into getting you the hands-down best IKEA doors on the planet!


Semihandmade, Meet Duluth

We’re fortunate to ship a lot of doors for IKEA™ kitchens and bathrooms every week, but it’s hard to get a sense of how a finished project turns out.  That’s why it’s always exciting to get photos back; this Semihandmade Flatsawn Walnut IKEA™ kitchen in Duluth, MN is no exception!  Special thanks to Susan Maguire for the amazing shots.

Nothing quite shows off the wood’s natural beauty like running the grain horizontally (just check out that the pantry wall by the fridge!).  You’ll also notice the open bookcase, which is just one of the many custom options we offer – think wine cabinets and floating shelves – to make your dream project even more one-of-a-kind.  The white Abstrakt doors and drawer fronts from IKEA™ scattered throughout frame the room nicely and also soften the walnut’s brown tones.  Lastly, it’s hard to miss the pop of those orange barstools – they’re from our friends at Loll Designs, the folks that make just about everything from 100% recycled milk bottles.  We’re long-time fans of their work, so it’s fun to finally see our two worlds collide.  It’s also worth nothing that like everything else from Loll, the stools are not only easy on the eyes, they’re pretty much indestructible (kind of important if you notice all that white stuff out on the deck!).  For more information on this project, please visit our Houzz page.

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