Our Process

Semihandmade doors fit IKEA™ kitchen, bathroom, closet and media cabinets. We also offer floating shelves, bookcases, appliance panels and wine cabinets.

Buy everything else from IKEA™ — cabinet boxes, feet, hinges and drawers (everything EXCEPT the doors) — then choose from our selection of hand-picked veneers, laminates and reclaimed lumber for a truly one-of-a-kind look at a less-than-custom price!

In Southern California, visit our showroom in Burbank near the IKEA™ store. We can also be seen at Whyrhymer Furniture and Lighting on La Brea in the heart of the design district.

We proudly ship to every state and Canada!


5 thoughts on “Our Process

  1. Not many details on “process”. Do you use the CAD rendering from the Ikea Planner to produce the material list? Is it as simple as my forwarding CAD plans, select the finish and a quote can be provided? Or do I need to provide a complete list of doors, DF’s, panels, etc to get the quote?
    I am a custom cabinet builder and install about 30 Ikea kitchens a year.

    • Hi Bert,
      We don’t work from CAD plans. Clients send in drawings based on IKEA dimensions – usually direct from the IKEA planner, but things like Sketch-Up work, too – and we make a cut-list from there. Because the majority of our doors are sequenced, we need to see dimensioned elevation drawings, not simply a list of parts. Hope that helps!

  2. The new Sektion line is garbage! The new drawers feel like there going to break in your hand. I used to use Ikea cabinets alot, but I will not buy any of the Sektion line. I’m sure you’ll start hearing more feedback like mine.

    • Hi Joe,
      We actually haven’t heard that from anyone else (and it’s not our experience), but I do know there are 2 tiers/types of drawers available with Sektion so it’s very possible you my be referring to the less-expensive one. Overall, we think the new system is terrific. Best, John

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